Box Sync 4 Dilemma

So many caveats with Box Sync 4.

  1. Hard drive format: The Box Sync folder must be located on a local drive with a NTFS, HFS, or HFS+ file system.
  2. Box Sync supports personal external drives – drives that are only accessible to a single user. But then, do not move the Box Sync folder to a shared network drive or an external hard drive.
  3. When installing or re-installing Box Sync, Sync does have to re-download all of the content from and it will not re-connect with existing local content.
  4. Multiple logins: Yes, it is possible to logout of one Box account and then login to another account on the same client. However, logging into Sync with a Box account that is different from the previous login will always prompt a re-download of all synced content to a new Box Sync folder.

But since have this massive 50 GB, it’s just too unfortunate if not using it.

Not to mention still have additional 3 accounts with 25/50 GB. For now it’s useless since there is point No. 4 above.

Well, just hope in the future there is improvement for these.

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