Blue About

Born in Semarang, Indonesia. Went to college in Yogyakarta, got married, and stayed there. Had a three years working experience as a Business and System Analyst in a small independent software vendor at Solo.

Moved back to Yogyakarta and spent another year in a one of distinguished health diagnostic center. Responsible for developing an integrated financial system with a role expanding from requirement gathering to build the system entirely.

Got the first remote work, one of the dreams, as a Web Developer in a web development/design studio based in Bandung. Speak PHP as main language and started with CodeIgniter for a couple of projects. At this time and place, getting know with WordPress for the first time. And fall for it.

Since then, with WordPress, producing tons of premium themes and plugins. Also had experiences working on custom development projects using WordPress. From customer support, tweaking existing themes/plugins, to build an entire custom client-based themes and plugins.

All to meet projects’ need. WordPress has became part of life.

Currently hold a position as Full-Stack WordPress Developer on a passionate premium theme shop at the moment, after spending more than four years in previous place.

Starting new world of Front End Developer by extending skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Still open and would like to learn other CMS, frameworks or even new language. But will always eager to improve own WordPress skill.

Believe that a well organized, structured and documented source code is a good investment.

Fall in love with soccer at high school. A fans of Manchester United, Juventus and PSIS. Give service in the church as a Sunday School teacher and play music for a couple of occasions.

Visit mom in Semarang regularly and enjoy listening music while driving. In another spare time (if managed to have any), love watching good movies or just spend hours reading manga.

Happiness became more complete with the coming of first born son. Nothing can beat the proudness of becoming father. Had a new dream of protecting, guiding and fulfilling the kids’ needs. And more importantly, becoming a father who can bring them closer to GOD.

Always cherish working from home. Getting closer to the family. While saving the time formerly wasted on the home-office trip, to do other meaningful things. Such as house chores or play with beloved son.

In short: Web Builder. WordPress Warrior. Remote Worker. Random Blogger. Sunday School Teacher. Music Player. Soccer Lover. Movie Collector. Manga Devourer. Proud Father. And Lucky Husband.

Well, probably not too short.

Find anything about the self and the interest here.

Enjoy yourselves! πŸ˜€

20 thoughts on “Blue About

      1. Pak tolong join ke FB Jaringan Pelayanan Anak. Kami mau mengajak Pak Erric join di FB tersebut sebab kami menjadi fasilitator bagi lembaga-lembaga pelayanan anak di Indonesia, untuk meningkatkan kerjasama dan memperluas jejaraing. Salam Kasih, Yeni Krisma.

  1. hmm… ternyata udah punya rumah dan alamat baru ya sekarang….
    Karena mo benahi blog pribadi, sambil ngecek satu-satu blogroll gw eh nyantol ke sini
    baca ini jadi senyum senyum sendiri sama kehidupan bapak satu ini….
    send me ur phone number ato pin bb dunk ke emal gw, kemaren gw balik ke jawa sempet ke jogja bentar, sekarang baru inget kalo lu udah dijogja sekarang… XD

  2. ^_^ I think you’re kind, you’ve good skill in php programming. Actually i want to master it too and master web programming, but i’m still study for senior high school. May be latter when i’ve been in college, i can learn it full time.

  3. beruntung pernah jadi murid nya πŸ™‚
    mengajari dengan cara yang hebat (bow)
    semoga bisa ketemu kalo ke jogja πŸ˜€

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