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Last update is more than 4 years ago. Things changed. Finally can get this one archived. For latest update, please visit Blue About page.


Born in Semarang, Indonesia. Went to college in Yogyakarta, got married, and lived there till now. Had a three years working experience as a Business and System Analyst in a small independent software vendor at Solo.

Moved back to Yogyakarta and spent another year in a one of distinguished health diagnostic center. Responsible for developing an integrated financial system with a role expanding from requirement gathering to build the system entirely.

Currently holds a position as a Web Developer in a one of leading web development and web design studio based in Bandung. Speaks PHP as main language. Specialized in CodeIgniter and WordPress, but open for other stable CMS/frameworks. Can do a bit of JQuery and eager to improve these skills. Believed that a well organized, structured and documented source code is a good investment.

Loves watching soccer games. A fans of Manchester United, Juventus and PSIS. Gives service in the church as a Sunday School teacher and plays music for a couple of occasions. Visits his mom in Semarang regularly, at least once a month, for a week long.

Finally managed to work from home, one of the dreams. Getting closer to the family. While saving the time formerly wasted on the home-office trip, to do other meaningful things, such as house chores.

In 160 limited chars: Web Developer. Remote Worker. Random Blogger. Soccer Lover. Sunday School Teacher. Casual Traveler. And a husband. Did you count it right?

Find anything about him and his interest here.

Enjoy yourselves! 😀

Published by Eric Gunawan

Happiness Engineer. WordPress Ambassador. Remote Worker. Soccer News Follower. Movie Lover. Proud Father. Lucky Husband.

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