Sorry Dad, I’ve Been Busy

… till I almost forget, it has been four years.

How’re things going on up there? I bet you’re having fun a lot, ha?

Me? Yeah, I’m doing fine here. Got a lot of jobs on my hands now, but I have to be able to handle them all. You did too, back then when I was a kid, right?

Sis n Ko, you’re asking? They finally moved to Semarang. So they can accompany mom. Yeah, I know, you missed their wedding. Feeling a little bit regret, I suppose. But we believe everything must be in HIS plan.

Mom’s fine, too. I don’t know exactly what’s in her mind, but looking from here, she’s enjoying life now. She even visited me couple of times and stayed here for a while. Well, mostly for her grandson, of course.

Grandson? Yap, you’ve got one, Pa. He’s my love and pride as a dad now. How about you were called Opa? Nice, huh?

He’s good and healthy. Just got his last shot this afternoon. Although he’s been through a lot in his early born days, but since then, he’s been a strong and sturdy boy.

Many people like him and admire his cuteness. Probably because he inherited his cheeks from his mom. He smiles a lot, too. But when he cries, well he do it heartily, makes his mom and dad sometimes can only *sigh*

If I had one regret in my life, probably it’s you that can’t meet him in this world, Pa. I know you love kids so much. And I bet he will be very happy and proud to have such a Grandpa like you.

Well, I do hope I can be a good father to him. A father who can protect, guide and fulfill his needs. And more importantly, a father who can bring him closer to GOD. Just like you to me, Pa.

That’s all for now, Pa. I must get back to work. I’ll see you soon.

Have fun up there.

Oh ya, and Happy Birthday.

Published by Eric Gunawan

Happiness Engineer. WordPress Ambassador. Remote Worker. Soccer News Follower. Movie Lover. Proud Father. Lucky Husband.

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