It’s been a year …

1997 – First time I learned how to ride a motorcycle. My father ran beside me a whole square of a field near my house. I know at that time, that I have someone who will always stay beside me to guide and protect me.


Wrote the above quotes in an application letter to a multi-national company back in 2007. Listed under the point of:

Personal Development

Looking at your life as a whole, indicate what events and experiences you consider to have been particularly influential in your personal development e.g. changes relating not only to school and work experience, but also to home location, health, personal, and family circumstances. List the events separately and give a brief indication of how they have influenced your development.

Never made it through to that company, after all.

Decided to post here as a tribute to my beloved dad.

It’s been a year, Dad. I love you. And I know you did, too.

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