If Harry Potter were a Programmer

This is an English version from previous post.

WARNING: If you weren’t a programmer or at least know about IT terms, and you weren’t a Harry Potter fans, then it wouldn’t be guaranteed that you will be able to understand the meaning of this post. Because either any terms from both worlds will be explained here.


If Harry Potter were a programmer, and he wanted to:

  1. “call” a certain program, i.e NetBeans or Dreamweaver, then he would cast, “Accio NetBeans,” or “Accio Dreamweaver”
  2. uninstall any unnecessary program he won’t use anymore, like for example Internet Explorer (if he could just do it), then he would cast, “Expelliarmus”
  3. compress or zip some big files into one little zipped file, then he would cast, “Reducto”
  4. browse the internet world, then he would call his web browser by casting, “Expecto Patronum”, which his Patronus would take a form of a Fox. A FireFox.
  5. clear recent file list, history, or cache from a browser, then he would cast, “Obliviate”
  6. upload files without FTP access, then he would cast, “Wingardium Leviosa”
  7. hack a site where he didn’t know or forgot his username and password, then he would cast, “Alohomora”
  8. turn the electricity back on when its went black out, then he would cast, “Lumos”, while hoping that the internet connection will also back to live
  9. fix his own bugs, and also ones from programs he didn’t responsible for it from the beginning, he would cast, “Reparo”
  10. last but not least, if there are any clients from hell he met, and he started to lose his nerves, then he would say to his clients, “Avada Kedavra!”

Funny? Interesting? Want to add your own here? 😉

Or it’s no fun at all? Boring? Well, it’s up to you. :mrgreen:

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