Start, Build, and Then…

Inspired by my friend’s posts found in here, here and there, I’d feel like being challenged to make some posts in English, too :mrgreen:
So, here we go.

Last Sunday (Oct 10th, 2010 a.k.a 10-10-10 :)), I’ve had a chance to chat with a guy. What I mean here, is a ‘real live chat’, not just chatting via YM or using other online messenger. Now, this guy was from New Zealand. So, with my poor English speaking-and-listening-skill (well, I’m proud of my reading-and-writing-one, though :D) I was trying my best to understand everything he says. 😳 Well, at least, I think, I believe I can understand at about 90% of what he’s saying 😎 That’s what I believe. If you don’t, then it’s up to you 😈

Anyway, there is one quote from him that I think it’s interesting. I can’t forget it and I think I’ll keep that in my mind for now. By the way, this guy was running a tourism design business back then in his homeland. (Is ‘tourism design’ really a right phrase? Well, I told you, I can only get 90% of what his talking about. Maybe this one is one of the missing 10% :P)

So, here’s the quote:

If you want to start some business, just build it. And make it bigger. After that, sell it.

Why? Because the bigger your business is, the less you’ll have time for yourself. And it happened to him.

What now? It’s not spectacular? You used to hear it? You think I’m just exaggerating?
Well, for me who really want to start building my own business, it really do make me think. But, then again, I think I’ve already done too much thinking :mrgreen:

That’s it? No more?
So, what’re you expecting? This was my first post in English. I think a 300-words-post is enough! 😛

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